Presentation Guide

The conference language is English.

Oral Presentation

Duration of talks

  • Invited: 30-min. presentation + 10-min. discussion
  • Contributed: 15-min. presentation + 5-min. discussion
  • Facility Introduction: 10-min. presentation + 5-min. discussion
  • Ad hoc Session: 10-min. presentation + 5-min. discussion

Uploading your presentation

The lecture room will be equipped with Windows and Macintosh laptops connected to a projector. All speakers are requested to copy your presentation files onto either of these two laptops via USB memory stick before their scheduled session. Presentation must be in Windows- or Macintosh-compatible PowerPoint or PDF format saved as a filename of “surname.pptx/ppt/pdf”. All the copied files are used as reference for summary talk apart from his/her presentation, and deleted after the conference. (Note: overhead projector for transparencies will not be available.)

Poster Presentation

Posters must fit within a rectangle 86 cm wide and 176 cm high. Authors are requested to set up their posters prior to the session and remove them immediately after the session. The necessary mounting material will be provided.

(PDF file for a list of the poster board IDs)