Prizes and Awards

Yamazaki Prize for µSR Science 2017

The Yamazaki Prize for 2017 was awarded to Prof Robert Kiefl, University of British Columbia and TRIUMF, Canada, who has had an eminent career within muon and beta NMR science as well as solid state physics.

Article on Yamazaki Prize (PDF)

Poster Prize

The poster prize was awarded to the 3 best nominated poster presenters listed below.

  • Dr. GRINENKO, Vadim (TUD) for PA-09: “Superconductivity with broken time reversal symmetry in Ba0.27K0.73Fe2As2 single crystals”
  • Dr. ORAIN, Jean-Christophe (PSI) for PB-10: “Nature of Ba3MIr2O9 (M=Sc, Y, In) ground state probed by μSR ”
  • Dr. YOKOYAMA, Koji (QMUL) for PC-39: “A new method for measuring excess carrier lifetime in bulk silicon: Photoexcited muon spin spectroscopy”

ISMS Young Scientist Awards

The ISMS Executive Committee was awarded to the following two presenations.

Oral Presentation

  • Ms. STEWART, Rhea (St Andrews) for her presentation entiteled "Anomalous Meissner Screening Probed using Low Energy Muon Spin Spectroscopy"

Poster Presentation

  • Mr. ISHI, Yuta (Tohoku Univ.) for his presenation entitled "Observation of oxygen magnetism in multiferroic materials RMn2O5 (R=Y, Eu) by μSR measurement"