The proceedings of the µSR2017 conference will be published as a volume in Journal of the Physical Society of Japan: Conference Proceedings (JPS Conf. Proc.). Please prepare your paper according to the author guideline, at which the template files (LaTeX 2e and Microsoft Word) are available, and submit it by using the on-line submission system.

The deadline for submission is June 25 (extended). You are requested to register at the submission site, which is different from the conference registration. Please note that the "Program No.", which is required to submit a manuscript, is designated as the "Abstract ID" in the acceptance notification you received.

Only papers presented at muSR2017 will be considered for publication in Proceedings. The submitted papers should have the same title as the corresponding abstract which has been accepted for presentation at muSR2017. It is important to notice that there is no a priori page limit. Although the expected paper length is typically 4 pages, authors are free to use longer paper length than 4 pages, if necessary. Reviewers might object to manuscripts which are unnecessarily long.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Editor team by sending a mail to;